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Nuance Narrative Capture Solutions

Dragon Medical and transcription solutions and services empower clinicians to deliver more accurate documentation without disrupting workflows so they can spend more time with patients.

Getting all the details without losing sight of the bigger picture. Beyond words.

You no longer have to choose between quality documentation and quality time with patients. Clinicians can easily detail diagnoses, problems and procedures using our next-generation computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) solution. And because Dragon Medical Advisor fits naturally into existing Dragon Medical One and physician workflows, you can spend more time on what matters most—patients.


A workflow designed by physicians

In seamless coordination with the Dragon Medical One speech recognition workflow, Dragon Medical Advisor analyzes physicians’ notes in real time. Advice appears as physicians dictate or type their notes so they can immediately update their documentation.

Physician pointers – at the point of care

This intelligent virtual advisor intuitively highlights areas where additional specificity is necessary to adequately capture each patient’s severity of illness and level of care provided—reducing the number of post-discharge and out-of-context queries from coders to the physician.

Better outcomes from bedside to boardroom

Deliver the best possible care—all while being acknowledged for it. Thorough and concurrent documentation contributes to better care coordination. Meanwhile, coding and quality teams receive the details needed to report accurate outcomes and initiate appropriate reimbursement.

25 years of CDI best practices

Inform better coding with Nuance’s extensive research on the most common documentation deficiencies resulting from undocumented problems, lack of specificity and missing procedures that impact Case Mix Index (CMI), denials and Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs).


Accurate and concurrent documentation starts here

Expanded content delivered directly through Dragon Medical

Cloud-based delivery integrated with Dragon Medical One—no additional software or hardware to install. Expanded content with essential ICD-10 diagnosis codes and CMS Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) to better define patients’ true medical conditions and optimize their Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) scores. This helps providers capture appropriate reimbursement for the disease burden of patients and avoid penalties for ICD-10 noncompliance.

Intelligent virtual advisor streamlines workflow and engages physicians

Dragon Medical Advisor analyzes patient notes as they’re created so physicians can immediately update their documentation with the appropriate level of specificity while the encounter is in their working memory. As a result, notes are more precise and complete and physicians receive fewer post-discharge and out-of-context queries from CDI and coding teams. As physicians begin to naturally document more complete notes, the advisor will fade into the background.

Realize immediate, measurable, positive outcomes

Complete and concurrent documentation improvement reduces retrospective queries and enables coding teams to accelerate billing and reduce denials. Increased specificity of the patient’s diagnoses, conditions and procedures improves CMI, and ensures appropriate documentation of the disease burden within the patient population for risk adjustment through proper HCC coding.

Assess and maintain performance

Background assessment tools provide detailed utilization metrics, advice identifiers, and physician activity. Opportunity assessments uncover clinical documentation improvement opportunities by diagnoses and physician, while Healthcheck dashboards proactively monitor physician utilization and overall program success.

Activate Dragon Medical Advisor today. If your organization is already using Dragon Medical One, you can activate Dragon Medical Advisor without the need to install additional hardware or software.

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Implement with confidence


Get the most out of our solutions by working with the Nuance Customer Success Organization. Our assessment tools, support, and guidance make all the difference when it comes to assessing physician utilization and CDI opportunities. From day one, your Customer Success Manager will monitor utilization, adoption, and other outcome KPIs—and proactively engage with you to drive maximum value over time. With continual feedback, you can make decisions based on actual data to create measurable clinical and business results.

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Equip your clinicians with real-time, automated advice at the point of care.

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