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Nuance Narrative Capture Solutions

Dragon Medical and transcription solutions and services empower clinicians to deliver more accurate documentation without disrupting workflows so they can spend more time with patients.

Put your words in context

It’s now faster and easier than ever for clinicians to add more specificity and context to each patient’s story. From hundreds of sub-specialty templates to embedded calculators, Dragon Medical PowerPack works seamlessly with the EHR.

More story, less time

PowerPack lets providers customize their Dragon Medical experience, so clinical documentation takes less time. That means happier providers. And more productive ones, too.

Focus where it matters

By spending less time on clinical documentation, your clinicians will have more time to spend with patients. And by boosting EHR usage, providers throughout your facility will have quicker access to patient data. All of which has a positive impact on clinical care.

No more arm-twisting

When voice-enabled clinical documentation is this painless and accurate, your providers will actually want to use the EHR system.

PowerPack Content

An experience that fits your clinicians' unique workflows

600+ templates

Our evidence-based content bundle features more than 600 multi-specialty templates, which are all accessible through the Dragon Medical workflow.

Ready to go

Templates can be inserted into EHR documentation tools with ease. Clinicians can get started right away by using the templates out of the box.

As you like it

It's simple for clinicians to tailor templates according to their personal patterns and preferences.

No more clones

By using our easily modified templates with variables, clinicians can avoid accidentally creating cloned notes.

Light weight

Because PowerPack Content is cloud-based, it lightens the load on clinicians' individual devices to enhance their performance.

PowerPack Content is designed for use with Dragon Medical One and Dragon Medical Network Edition.
Already a PowerPack Content User? Check iSupport to download latest release.

Search My Commands

Unlock the power of your Dragon Medical tools

Putting clinicians in control

Search My Commands features a host of intuitive tools that help providers access and manage Dragon Medical content with ease.

Looking for adaptability?

Specialty-specific customization and commands are included, as is a customizable list of favorite commands.

A need for speed

Clinicians get a quick preview of command content and swift access to all commands in their Dragon profile.


Search My Commands integrates seamlessly with Epic®, Cerner®, GE®, McKesson® and dozens of other popular EHRs.

PowerPack  Search My Commands
Search My Commands is designed for use with Dragon Medical Network Edition.

Clinical Calculators

Healthier documentation for treatment decisions

A solid grounding

These clinical decision support tools are based on algorithms that are well established in medical literature.

Calculations and documentation

When it comes to core measures, most web-based applications merely perform calculations. Our Clinical Calculators go a step further, automatically transferring the results—and assumptions behind them—into your EHR.

Clinical Calculators are designed for use with Dragon Medical Network Edition.

Add more power to your clinical narrative.

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