Transcribing recorded dictation

Before you start:

Create a transcription source for your profile if you haven't done so yet:

  • If you are transcribing a recording of your own voice, then add a new transcription source to your user profile.
  • If you are transcribing a recording of someone else's voice, say a lecture you recorded, then you have to create a new user profile and select Transcription source as the audio device.

For more information, see Creating a transcription source

Tutorial: How can I transcribe a recording?

To transcribe recorded dictation:

  1. Open the appropriate profile and select the transcription source.
  2. From the DragonBar, select Tools>Transcribe Recording.
  3. Enter the path and file name of the recording as the input. Click Browse to locate and select the file.
  4. Optionally click Options to configure how Dragon handles spoken commands that it finds in your recording.
  5. Make your selections in the Options dialog, click OK, then click Transcribe.
  6. When Dragon is finished, it prompts you to choose what you want to do next with the transcribed text, if anything. Select an option and click Done.

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