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Nuance Narrative Capture Solutions

Dragon Medical and transcription solutions and services empower clinicians to deliver more accurate documentation without disrupting workflows so they can spend more time with patients.

Accurate, cost-effective transcription services. You have our word.

Accurate, timely transcriptions are critical for your clinical documentation. Whether you are in an acute care environment or ambulatory practice, outsourcing to Nuance Transcription Services will improve the flow of patient narratives through your organization. We’re committed to improving quality, minimizing turnaround time, and speeding up revenue cycles. Most importantly, outsourcing to us will free up your department to focus on other priorities.

We’re the flexible type

Before we transcribe a single word, we assign a dedicated team to your organization. We get to know your physicians and how you operate. That way, we can adapt our service to fit your unique workflow and address any challenge—like a sudden change in workflow or an upswing in employed physicians.

Speedy & accurate

Because your dictations are processed through our industry-leading speech recognition software, we’re able to minimize human error and shorten turnaround time from days to hours. Our skilled medical transcriptionists (MTs) review and edit for accuracy. And to triple check, we use an independently audited Quality Assurance (QA) process to view more than two billion lines each year.

Save money—and jobs.

We’d be nowhere without our MTs. And we recognize that our clients often employ some of the best talent. That's why, when we enter into a new partnership with a hospital, we provide a special on-boarding program that helps your staff transition from their hospital-based positions to Nuance.


Fast, accurate, and secure? You can say that again.

An eye on results

Every draft touched by Nuance Transcription Services has detailed tracking and logging information to ensure that it is completed within the contractual turnaround time (TAT). You’ll receive monthly status reports on TAT, quality, and open items.

Quality control to count on

Our Quality Management Platform provides granular reporting at all levels of production, from error types and MT details to account-specific views. And our Concurrent Quality Control and Retrospective Quality Compliance audits are designed to give you full transparency on the delivered services.

The best of all worlds

We’re committed to meeting your turnaround time with 24/7/365 transcription. We do it through a mix of domestic, offshore and multi-shore services. For clients choosing to leverage our offshore resources, we can improve turnaround times in off-peak hours—without sacrificing quality or security.

A team you can rely on

From implementation to the day-to-day management of your account, you’ll have a dedicated team at your service. They’re always available by phone and can ensure that your cost, quality, and TAT expectations are consistently met.

Experienced medical transcriptionists

Nuance Transcription Services employs thousands of the most qualified MTs in the industry—many with more than 10 years of experience in healthcare.

Uncompromising data protection

Your patient data is safe in our hands. Our data centers are configured with a redundant, fault-tolerant infrastructure so you always have the secure access you need. In addition, we have a strict and rigorous HIPAA education and enforcement program in place.

Award-winning solutions that have won over the industry


Nuance employs more than 12,000 MTs—the largest medical transcription organization in the world

5 billion +

lines of medical data transcribed annually

60% +

of healthcare facilities worldwide use Nuance Transcription Solutions

When it comes to transcription services, we’ll save you time and money, and improve accuracy.
We’re at your service.

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