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Nuance Healthcare Diagnostic Solutions

Nuance diagnostic solutions empower healthcare providers to collaborate and deliver complete, timely, quality diagnostic reporting and medical imaging data exchange.

Measure performance. Demonstrate value.

As the healthcare environment evolves, so does the role of imaging. The shift to value-based models means you need to play a more active role within the patient care circle—and keep a more watchful eye on outcomes. With mPower, innovated by Montage, in your Imaging 3.0™ toolkit, your team will have access to actionable insights that can help you optimize radiology performance, reduce costs, and increase revenues—all while enhancing patient care.

Improve outcomes

Get better visibility into clinical and patient outcomes so you can monitor, understand, and ultimately improve clinical quality and patient safety.

Optimize productivity

Watch data over time to identify short and long-term trends and identify ways to improve radiologist efficiency, accuracy and overall patient-physician satisfaction.

Streamline reimbursement

Common reporting errors don’t have to be a common problem in your clinical records. Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics identifies errors that can lead to delayed reimbursements.

Drive financial performance

Measure productivity and validate against clinical benchmarks to see opportunities for improvement and support necessary change.


Get a complete picture of your imaging department

Quality analytics, no matter how you slice it

Drive high quality clinical care and improve patient safety using Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics. Provide a foundation for data-driven practice management, quality improvement, and clinical performance.

Manage mandated metric reporting efficiently

Whether you want to keep up with Government requirements, the latest recommendations from the American College of Radiology, or your hospital’s policies, Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics gives your teams valuable visibility into quality metrics including PQRS, Critical Test Results compliance, and more.

Analyze the past—and predict the future

Curious to know what the impact might be before adding modalities or staff to your department or imaging center? Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics analyzes ordering trends, scheduling patterns, and referring physician volumes.

Track and communicate follow-up recommendations

Using proprietary natural language processing, Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics automatically extracts follow-up recommendations from reports and identifies overdue examinations. Ensuring appropriate follow-up imaging will improve patient outcomes and reduce your liability risk.

Reduce length of stay by up to three days

Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics enables you to identify and prioritize inpatient recommendations. Along with coordinated care, length of stay was decreased for patients requiring interventional procedures.

Measure contributions to value-based imaging

Now more than ever, your radiology department’s success depends on being able to contribute directly to improved outcomes. Nuance mPower Clinical Analytics manages imaging appropriateness, decision support and image quality. Empower your practice managers to develop an operationally efficient organization that profitably delivers high quality clinical care.


Get even more from your investment

The industry’s most trusted and widely used real-time radiology reporting solution, PowerScribe 360 Reporting, enables quick, efficient generation of high-quality reports to maximize productivity, optimize billing and reimbursements, increase referring physician satisfaction and improve quality of patient care. Proven speech recognition technology combined with structured yet flexible and personalized dynamic reporting supports rapid turnaround times and ensures reports are accurate, consistent and actionable. mPower Clinical Analytics looks to PowerScribe 360 Reporting as a source of valuable data for a single—more holistic—approach to clinical documentation, optimized workflows and quality outcomes.

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PowerScribe 360 Critical Results integrates with mPower Clinical Analytics to send communications for pending or overdue recommendations for follow-up care. This helps minimize the possibility of recommendations for follow-up care being forgotten or “falling through the cracks” and possible medicolegal risk while allowing Radiology to participate in the total patient care cycle and provide value beyond the initial diagnostic read.

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Nuance mPower Advisory Services

Delivering quality care starts with quality data

Dragon Medical Professional Services

When you work with Nuance mPower Advisory Services to maximize the value of your information, you’ll be able to identify trends, determine opportunities for improvement, and drive the kind of positive change you need—like reduced costs, increased revenues, and improved quality and patient outcomes.

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Working together to improve clinical, business and patient outcomes

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