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PowerScribe 360 - Analytics

Search based radiology analytics that enables the measurement and reporting of key metrics to drive desired results

PowerScribe 360 | Analytics

PowerScribe 360 | Analytics  is a search based business analysis and visualization tool that enables clinical benefits as well as the use of metrics to drive desired behavior. PowerScribe 360 | Analytics allows your department to operate in a data-driven fashion --from modality utilization to clinician ordering patterns, through radiologist reportingGo beyond the traditional reporting available in existing information systems and measure staff productivity, compare finding and follow-up recommendation rates, analyze radiologist report variance, monitor ordering patterns, and calculate turnaround time based on a variety of parameters.

PowerScribe 360 | Analytics' radiology statistics, radiology analysis and radiology data save time, money, and resources, improving patient safety and care, and leading to faster, more rapidly delivered clinical documentation. The process begins with a natural language search. The search can be used for clinical benefit, building presentations, tumor boards, or teaching as needed. With the search as the foundation, the Montage Search and Analytics tool is easy to use, but powerful reporting tool that requires no programming skills. PowerScribe 360 | Analytics provides robust radiology workflow "visualization" and distribution components that promote better business decisions and practice management.

PowerScribe 360 | Analytics allows you to maximize your IT investments by integrating data from other information systems like pathology or cardiology.


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Analyze areas of interest to improve clinical and financial performance

PowerScribe 360 | Analytics allows you to expose untapped information inherent in years of clinical data. You can further explore your information from various business, clinical and research perspectives or identify trends, opportunities and potential issues quickly with familiar visualization techniques. You can analyze all operational aspects of your business including:

Business Productivity
Measure radiologist and technologist productivity based on such factors as exam volume, modality, anatomy, and location. Generate metrics for modality usage patterns and macro usage patterns.

Quality Assurance
Compare finding and follow-up recommendation rates for radiologist and sub-specialty groups. Analyze report consistency and length combined with macro usage, dictation patterns and custom data entry.

Throughput Analysis
Calculate report turn-around, from scheduled all the way through final status. Analyze turnaround based on radiologist, division, modality, location, time of day, patient class and report findings. Determine which locations within your department have room for improvement.

Trending and Forecasting
Analyze historic trends and predict future events. Determine the impact of additional modalities, radiologists and imaging center throughput on your practice. Analyze high-tech vs. low-tech ordering trends and referring physician volumes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does PowerScribe 360 | Analytics impact my production environment?

A: PowerScribe 360 | Analytics allows your department to perform analysis anytime of day. Traditional reporting solutions rely on production systems and pull data as calculations are performed. Thus, most reporting is performed off-hours to avoid latency of running queries and the impact on the production environment. With
PowerScribe 360 | Analytics, all data is warehoused nightly on a separate server and routine calculations may be performed anytime and anywhere on the hospital network. PowerScribe 360 | Analytics puts fast, reliable results within your reach when you need it most.


Q: Does PowerScribe 360 | Analytics require our staff to learn a new programming language?

A: Traditionally, data mining and data analysis have been restricted to the most skilled programmers within an organization. PowerScribe 360 | Analytics eliminates the need to possess programming knowledge by offering a familiar ”Google” like interface that is intended to be welcoming for even the most technically challenged user. No database experience is required so any user can start tracking information and creating reports to make more informed decisions. More informed users’ means greater departmental efficiencies at all levels.


Q: Does PowerScribe 360 | Analytics provide “drill-down” capabilities?

A: In addition to a robust report authoring platform, PowerScribe 360 | Analytics ships with a web-based report viewer that allows users to share results with anyone on the hospital network. Publish projects to Microsoft® Excel, for report results distribution.


Q: How flexible is the reporting available with PowerScribe 360 | Analytics?

A: Conducting analysis with legacy reporting applications is often limited to pre-defined report formats and data elements. With PowerScribe 360 | Analytics, structured interpretation data allows your department to easily pull information needed when submitting for clinical trials, government grants, and quality bonus programs. For the first time, you can build reports based on interpretation specific data to analyze reporting variance and pinpoint areas for improvement.


Q: Is PowerScribe 360 | Analytics scalable?

A: Rest assured that as your practice expands, PowerScribe 360 | Analytics will scale to meet the growing demands of your organization. PowerScribe 360 | Analytics can warehouse decade’s worth of radiology data and accommodates even the most demanding volume of concurrent users. PowerScribe 360 | Analytics supports adding more data and additional users without a significant impact on speed or performance.


Q: How does PowerScribe 360 | Analytics integrate with other systems?

A: Data accessibility is a fundamental part of all business intelligence projects. With PowerScribe 360 | Analytics, data migration is simplified via a standard HL7 feed from your RIS or speech recognition reporting system (PowerScribe 360 | Reporting). It is also possible to create database level interfaces with certain systems.

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