If you're in the market for a scanner, or already own one, the information you'll find here will help you make the most and best use out of this relatively inexpensive but important piece of hardware. Nuance doesn't make any scanners that are intended for desktop PCs, but a number of our products are used with scanners and we want to help make scanners easy and fun for you to use.

  • First Time Users
    Learn what you need to know before buying a scanner.
  • Hardware Compatibility List
    A complete list of supported scanners for our ScanSoft Imaging Solutions.
  • Cool Things
    Cool things you can do with a scanner, ranging from the practical (safeguarding documents in electronic form) to the peripheral (sending out a family newsletter).
  • Manufacturers
    For ease of reference, this section contains contact information for the scanner manufacturers mentioned elsewhere in this site.
  • Software
    As mentioned above for Scanner Companies, this section also contains contact information for software publishers mentioned in this site.
  • Resources
    Bibliographic information on the books that have been written on the topic of desktop scanning together with recent articles from the computer press.
  • Glossary
    Help if you're unsure of what the various scanning terms mean. A most popular section.