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EPS:Integrating SpeechAttendant V10 ( PART 2)

This course covers the fundamental aspects of the installation of our EPS SpeechAttendant (SA) module Version 10. It explains how to perform the on-site portion of a new single server SpeechAttendant installation .

• Provide the knowledge and experience to integrate a SpeechAttendant system • Know enough about the auto-attendant functionality to support the full system • Understand the project management process that surrounds the on-site installation • Understand how to get further assistance if required Note: Advanced topics such as project management of a SpeechAttendant deployment or the Voice User Interface design required to design an auto-attendant application are not covered by this training class.
Partners/integrators who will be responsible for installing SpeechAttendant systems Version 10
1.Introduction • Understanding SpeechAttendant and what it can do • Brief explanation of the SpeechAttendant Architecture • Description of the SpeechAttendant functionalities 2.Deployment Process • Overview of the entire deployment process (end-to-end) • Walkthrough of Site Prep document/Scope of Work and all other related documentation 3. Expected on-site steps • Hook up hardware, modem,network and ftp (SpeechMonitor) • License the server, configure the environment • Installation/configuration against a specific telephony platform • Basic testing of network and telephony ( recognition) • SpeechMonitor installation • Installation Signoff 4.Troubleshooting • Identify and resolve the key troubleshooting issued in an installation • How to troubleshoot: •Telephony issues • Dialogic issues • Licensing issues • TTS issues • SpeechMonitorissues •Support •Deployment support vs. helpdesk support • Escalations
• SpeechAttendant:Managing the SpeechAttendant V10 (Basic) Part 1 and 2 • EPS:Integrating SpeechAttendant V10 (PART1) • Field technicians with experience in Telephony • Knowledge of Windows 2003 • Basic networking concepts • Basic server hardware knowledge
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