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CERTIFICATION EXAM: Enterprise Foundation Technologies

Nuance Technical Associate: Enterprise Foundation Technologies Exam

Your customers depend on you to implement their solution quickly and successfully. Nuance University|Enterprise Division is pleased to announce its new Technical Certification program.

A person who successfully completes this examination demonstrates the technical knowledge and skills necessary to implement and support the following Nuance products:

  • Nuance Recognizer version 9.0
  • Nuance RealSpeak TTS engine version 4.5
  • Nuance Speech Server version 5.0
  • Nuance License Manager

Candidates who successfully complete this examination will be designated Nuance Technical Associate: Enterprise Foundation Technologies. Our program consists of a sequence of Nuance University courses designed to prepare you for a certification exam and real-life product installation, configuration, and first line support. The classes are recommended, not mandatory. Other examination preparatory resources are listed below. The proctored, multiple-choice exam is delivered online via computer at over 250 test centers world wide. A PDF listing exam centers is available on our "Certification" page, at left, or contact to request a copy of the PDF directly.

You must first register for the exam 'on demand' at this website and make appropriate payment arrangements. Once payment arrangements are complete, we will send you confirmation and instructions on how to locate a testing center near you to schedule and take the exam at your convenience.

Certified individuals can expect the following advantages:
  • Nuance Technical Certification is an acknowledged standard in the industry.
  • Certification provides a competitive differentiator.
  • Customers will have more confidence in your abilities.
  • Certification is a valuable resource to cite in RFP/RFQ/RFI and help you
    • Increase revenue and customer satisfaction
    • Reduce time to market and costs of implementation
    • Grow and maintain key employees
  • Associates receive invitations to quarterly webinars on product updates.
  • Associates receive a certificate and logo to use on business cards and email signature.
This exam is available to the following certification candidates:
  1. Participants who have successfully completed
    • Installation and Initial Configuration: Enterprise Foundation Technologies (previously NR9: Installation and Initial Configuration and
    • Technical Support: Enterprise Foundation Technologies (previously NR9: Technical Support Workshop - Part 1
  2. Technicians already experienced with installation, configuration, and support of Nuance Recognizer version 9.x, Nuance Speech Server version 5.x, and RealSpeak text to speech engine version 4.5
The estimated time to complete the exam is two (2) hours.
In addition to recommended resources listed below, certification candidates are assumed to have knowledge of the following topics.
  • Telephony and telephony platform
  • Networking
  • XML
  • MRCP
  • Web Server (e.g., Apache)
  • Command prompt usage and syntax
The following list recommends resources to help exam participants prepare for the exam. This list is not exhaustive; you may find valuable information elsewhere including the Nuance Technical Support website.
  • Installation and Initial Configuration: Enterprise Foundation Technologies
    (previously NR9: Installation and Initial Configuration)
    Course and associated course materials
  • Technical Support for Enterprise Foundation Technologies
    (previously NR9: Technical Support Workshop Part 1)
    Course and related course materials

    **See our 'Packages' link for discounted pricing when you register for both classes and the exam.

  • Documentation:
    • Nuance Recognizer 9.0 Installation Guide
    • Nuance Recognizer Platform Integration Guide (emphasis on Chapters 1, 2, and 5)
    • Nuance Recognizer 9.0 Reference Guide (emphasis on Chapters 6 and 7)
    • Nuance License Manager 11.4 Licensing Guide
    • RealSpeak Telecom Software Development Kit 4.5 (emphasis on Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, and 11)
    • Nuance Speech Server 5.0 Installation and User's Guide (emphasis on Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, Appendix D and Appendix E)
    • Watcher User's Guide
    • All release notes for Nuance Recognizer 9.0; RealSpeak 4.5; Nuance Speech Server 5.0; Nuance License Manager 11.4.0b; Nuance Core Services 4.0 (Watcher and Resource Manager)
    • MRCP v1 specification (Sections on set-up and tear-down of sessions; sections on ASR and TTS resource requests; sections on parameter settings)
    • MRCP v2 specification(Sections on set-up and tear-down of sessions; sections on ASR and TTS resource requests; sections on parameter settings)
CoursePrice: 900 USD For classes outside of North America, prices should be converted to Euros or British Pounds, when appropriate.
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