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Developing Voice XML Speech Applications

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This course highlights the syntactic structure and 40+ tags of VoiceXML 2.0, the standard for speech services. During the course you will develop your own application by implementing prompt and grammar alternatives, forms, menus, and subdialogs. You will utilize logical branching elements, variables, and error handling elements. You gain an understanding of the architecture in which VXML applications run. You learn best practices for streamlining application code. Participants attend class from their own PC and will need Web access to the following sites:
  • (This development site requires you to phone a US number to test your code. We recommend you have access to a web-phone provider or US mobile phone to minimize or avoid charges for these calls.)

The live, instructor led class allows discussion using Voice over IP technology, so a headset with microphone is recommended. Participants will receive logon instructions and a PDF of the class manual one week prior to the class presentation. Soft copies of lab solutions are also provided.

By the end of this class participants should be able to:
  • Describe the structure of VoiceXML based applications
  • Identify the VoiceXML 2.0 syntax including:
  • Element and attribute XML syntax
  • Using Form items
  • Develop field items for gathering user input
  • Develop computation items
  • Add Flow control to a VoiceXML application
  • Work with variables
  • Catch predefined events in several ways
  • Design for prerecorded and TTS prompts
  • Use built-in and other external grammars
  • Define element scope in VoiceXML
  • Recognize the use of ECMAScript (JavaScript) in VoiceXML applications
  • Generate simple dynamic content with Java Server Pages
  • Programmers with an IVR or Web development profile
  • Application and telephony developers who have experience in programming and want to learn the concepts of VoiceXML
  • User Interface Designers and Project Managers who need to become familiar with the development of VoiceXML applications
  1. Introduction
  2. Basic VoiceXML Programming:
    • Application Structure
    • Building blocks of an application
    • Form Interpretation Algorithm (Call flow control)
    • Dialog building blocks forms, menus
    • Form items
    • Grammars
  3. Advanced VoiceXML Programming:
    • Variables
    • Event Handling
    • Subdialogs
    • Mixed Initiative Dialogs
  4. Conclusion
  • Introduction to Speech Recognition
  • Fundamentals of Voice User Interface Design
  • Application programming knowledge
  • Familiarity with Web architecture
  • Familiarity with ECMAScript (JavaScript)
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4 Days
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