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QuickStart Package: Introduction to Networked Customer Care

You need a range of skills. Speech University introduces the QuickStart package covering five topics critical to successful networked speech applications. The QuickStart package provides all prerequisites for advanced workshop classes.

The QuickStart includes five modules (30-90 minutes each) delivered via the Web using the latest in instructional software.

In How Speech Technology Works, we demystify the technological and linguistic functions that enable a recognition engine to ‘understand’ audio for use in an application and we clarify where the recognizer fits into larger IVR systems.

Speech application success requires a successful caller experience using the best technology coupled with sophisticated design strategies. Designing for Successful Caller Experience explains design’s importance as it introduces design principles and processes.

A recognition engine relies on one or more grammar documents to predict simple or complex ‘natural language’ variations in what callers say and streamline an application’s next action. Developing Successful Grammars illustrates how grammars work and discusses the challenges and opportunities of grammar development.

Speech applications are tuned to optimize performance. Fine Tuning Successful Applications explains how we begin in the earliest stages of the speech project to plan for tuning efforts. We review key performance indicators that measure an application’s success.

Managing Successful Speech Projects highlights project milestones unique to speech as outlined in Nuance PRO, a proven methodology for managing successful speech applications. We also discuss the risks that arise when a project overlooks key project activities.

The package is priced for ne individual to access; the modules remain available to that individual for 60 days from the date of purchase. Contact to discuss a team subscription.

  • Describe key concepts of how speech technology works.
  • Consider key strategies for successful user interface design, based on carefully gathered requirements, to optimize caller experience.
  • Plan for the best speech grammar(s) in each collection context.
  • Discuss key performance indicators to measure application success.
  • Recognize key project milestones and deliverables to support timely and successful speech application deployment.
Everyone working on customer care applications including stakeholders, designers, developers, project managers, call flow and grammar developers, tuners, business analysis.
  1. How Speech Technology Works
  2. Designing for Successful Caller Experience
  3. Developing Successful Grammars
  4. Fine Tuning Successful Applications
  5. Managing Successful Speech Projects
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1 Day
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Design: Voice User Interface   
Speech Project Management | Business Analytics  
Application Tuning and Analysis  
Development: Speech Grammars  
Development: Call Steering   
Development: Application Call Flow  
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