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Nuance Voice Biometrics Partner Training: Greater China Region

This is a special, one-time offering of a custom agenda for Nuance Voice Biometrics products offered to partners in the greater China region.

This course introduces pre-sales consultants, implementation engineers and support technicians to the Nuance VocalPassword™ speaker verification product and its accompanying Evaluation Studio™ tool. Participants learn of the technology behind biometric verification and review a range of business cases where it has been successfully implemented. Participants gain an understanding of the VocalPassword product itself, as well as the security, architecture and system requirements for successful implementation. The course defines a verification project methodology and offers best practices for each project phase. Participants work hands-on to install and configure the VocalPassword tool and to walk through speaker enrollment and verification practices. It introduces tuning practices with the use of Evaluation Studio. The course also introduces first level support and maintenance requirements for every VocalPassword implementation.

The course includes an overview of Nuance FreeSpeech™ product, as well as the Speaker Identification and Detection product (S.P.I.D.™).

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:
  • Explain the primary functionality and purpose of Nuance VocalPassword
  • Determine the authentication strategy and features to use for specific scenarios
  • Determine the appropriate passphrase and prompts for each verification strategy
  • Design system architecture
  • Collect data and calibrate a background model
  • Install and configure VocalPassword
  • Integrate APIs into a callflow
  • Administer and tune VocalPassword on an on-going basis
  • Describe and discuss Nuance FreeSpeech™
  • Describe and discuss Nuance S.P.I.D.™ (Speaker Identification and Detection).
Partners working wiith the greater China region who will be selling and/or implementing Nuance voice biometrics solutions using VocalPassword™, Evaluation Studio™, and FreeSpeech™.
  1. Implementing VocalPassword
    • Introducing VocalPassword
    • Choosing an Authentication Strategy
    • Choosing Advanced Features
    • Choosing a Passphrase and a Prompt
    • Designing System Architecture
    • Collecting Data
    • Installing and Setting up the VocalPassword System
    • Calibrating a Background Model and Tuning Thresholds
    • Integrating APIs
    • Administering the VocalPassword System
    • Evaluating Accuracy and Validating Problem Voiceprints
    • Review of Key Features and Best Practices
  2. Introducing FreeSpeech™
  3. Introducing Nuance S.P.I.D.™ (Speaker Identification and Detection)
  • Experience with speech technology
  • or Nuance QuickStart Package
  • or Introduction to Speech Recognition
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4 Days
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