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Implementing Nuance Call Steering Portal Solutions

Applications developed with Nuance Call Steering Portal (NCSP) provide a natural-language interface to a call center, enhancing caller experience by responding accurately to callers’ needs and routing them directly to the destinations they request, whether a relevant automated system or a personal agent. This course guides participants through the process of using the hosted NCSP to create the entire set of files needed to generate a successful caller experience: prompt scripts, grammars, and routing destinations. Combining the NCSP with knowledge of Nuance grammar syntax and grammar development tools as well as Nuance tuning tools, you can develop and maintain a successful call routing solution specific to your company's requirements.

Upon successful completion of this class, participants should be able to:
  • Explain the end-to-end process of delivering a Nuance Call Steering Portal solution
  • Access Nuance Call Steering Portal
  • Describe the production environment (Nuance Speech Server, Nuance Recognizer 9, web server, VXML browser, Nuance Management Station, licensing, Nuance Application Reporting)
  • Deploy the template application for data collection
  • Set up Management Station to collect logs and caller audio files
  • Verify sentence grouping and assign caller intent (a two phase process)
  • Configure the application's responses to caller input
  • Define application-specific configuration settings, including prompting
  • Explain what synonyms should be added to disambiguation grammars
  • Deploy the updated template application for runtime
  • Validate business benefit using provided reports
  • Partners who deploy and provide first tier support for customer routing solutings using Nuance Call Steering Portal
  • Partner team members preparing for the Certification Exam - Nuance Call Steering Portal
Module 1 – Nuance Call Steering Portal Solution Process
Module 2 – Navigating Nuance Call Steering Portal
Module 3 – Data Collection
Module 4 – Data Import
Module 5 – Transcription
Module 6 – Assigning Caller Intent
Module 7 – Defining Dialog
Module 8 – Generating Grammars and Prompt List
Module 9 – Optimizing Grammar Performance
Module 10 – Deploying the Updated Application
Module 11 – Reporting
The following classes provide information vital to succcessful implementation of a call steering project. Comparable experience may be substituted, but please discuss this with Nuance University directly.
  • QuickStart Package: Introduction to Networked Customer Care
  • Developing Speech Grammars: GrXML Format
  • Application Tuning and Analytics with Nuance Tools (Nuance Tune and Nuance Application Reporting)
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4 Days
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