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User Interface Design Workshop

The User Interface Design workshop helps participants successfully design and test speech applications for maximum caller success. The course draws upon the experience and knowledge of the Nuance Professional Services team to identify key skills and define best practices for design and validation.

Building on the QuickStart theoretical introduction, this course provides participants with experience in how to create and maintain a successful caller experience and to achieve the objectives of speech recognition -- improving customer satisfaction while reducing costs. We provide an in-depth look at the design lifecycle, from requirements gathering to tuning. The course discusses call flow design as well as prompting strategies including disambiguation, confirmation, and options for error recovery and universal prompt strategies. Through discussion and exercises, participants walk through a design process that helps reinforce the industry’s best practices for Voice UI design.

Optimization sections teach participants the role of the User Experience in maximizing automation rates, ROI, and caller satisfaction. The relative merits and requirements of the various testing and research methods are explained using “real life” case studies taken from Nuance Professional Services engagements.

Through the class, we offer advice on how to respond when design decisions are challenged and share techniques that save time and reworking. Participants gain experience that will raise the level of design work on the job.

This workshop is offered live, online using web conferencing software and VoIP. Participants are encouraged to have a headset with microphone to enable active discussions.

  • Develop a high-level UI design strategy that meets the business, caller, and application requirements
  • Review sample dialogs to evaluate how well they apply design principles and meet requirements
  • Define global design elements
  • Specify detailed dialog prompting strategies
  • Defend design choices
  • Interpret and utilize usability testing data to improve the design
  • Discuss how caller experience affects automation
  • Identify key performance indicators for caller experience and usability
  • Voice user interface designers
  • Caller experience or human factors engineers
  • Business analysts responsible for customer satisfaction metrics
  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding caller experience
  3. Working with business, caller and application requirements
  4. Designing a high-level UI design strategy
  5. Working with call flow diagrams and call flow logic
  6. Defining global commands and behaviors
  7. Sample dialog reviews
  8. Specifying the detailed design
    • Initial and secondary prompts
    • Conditional prompts
    • Confirmation strategies
    • Helpful prompts
  9. Specifying grammar requirements
  10. Advanced Dialog Design Techniques
  11. Usability Testing
At least one of the following NSU classes (or demonstrated comparable experience):
  • Nuance Speech University QuickStart Package

  • Introduction to Speech Recognition
  • Fundamentals of Voice User Interface Design
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4 Days
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