Nuance University: Enterprise Foundation Technologies
Become a Certified Nuance Technical Associate

Looking to boost customer confidence in your abilities? Wish you could reduce the time and cost required to close incidents?

Nuance Technical Certification is an acknowledged industry standard demonstrating that you have the technical knowledge and experience required to successfully implement and support Nuance Enterprise products including Nuance Recognizer v9, Nuance Speech Server v5, and RealSpeak v4.5. It prepares technicians to more effectively troubleshoot, isolate, and resolve issues without need for escalation.

The Advantages for Your Company

Want to show the industry that your team has what it takes to install, configure, and support Nuance network products? Certification enables partner organizations like yours to:

  • Achieve competitive differentiation
  • Increase revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce time to market and implementation costs
  • Develop and retain key employees
  • Broaden exposure through a listing on the Nuance web site
Take the Next Step

Discover — For more detailed information about the Nuance Enterprise Foundation Technologies Exam, click here Certification Exam.

Prepare — Augment your first-hand experience and what’s available in documentation by taking the following live, instructor-led training courses. Our virtual classroom technology allows you to work online directly with the following Nuance products:

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