Course Description

Optimizing RealSpeak Text-to-Speech Playback

This course describes how best to incorporate synthesized text into a speech application. The course describes RealSpeak architecture and features, including the powerful ways that text is normalized and interpreted. The course discusses the use of embedded control tags and SSML to fine-tune playback. The course explains how to modify user dictionaries to achieve high quality sound and accuracy in synthesized playback.

At the end of this course, Participants should be able to
  • Explain the RealSpeak Functionality
  • Describe RealSpeak architecture
  • List ways that RealSpeak normalizes and parses text to enable appropriate playback
  • Discuss best practices for incorporating text-to-speech within a speech application
  • Modify dictionary files to fine-tune TTS playback
  • Annotate text using embedded tags
  • Application and telephony developers building speech applications that use a TTS engine
  • User Interface Designers and Project Managers who want to incorporate TTS into application design
  • Sales and Marketing personnel who need to become familiar with the basic concepts of TTS development and delivery
  1. Introduction
  2. RealSpeak architechture
  3. Command line operation
  4. Using RealSpeak
  5. User dictionaries
  6. Conclusion
  • Introduction to Speech Recognition
  • Fundamentals of VUI
  • Understanding of elements relevant to speech user interface design
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