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Custom Onsite Training

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your enterprise customer care team is starting an important new speech project ...
  • Your team is taking over a project from Nuance Professional Services ...
  • You have just added several new members to your speech IVR team ...

What does it take for you and your team to succeed?

The right team members with the right skills at the right time!

Nuance University has years of experience training thousands of team members on projects   like yours.We work with you to select a time and location, an appropriate number of   students, and the best curriculum for each team member's needs.

Starting with our specialized set of courses covering Nuance products and best practices, we   can also customize content to address what you need ... then deliver this custom content at   your site, at your convenience, and throughout your development and deployment lifecycle.

Why train on-site?
  • Travel time and budgets are at a premium these days. We travel; you don't.
  • Onsite training is convenient and extremely cost-effective. The right people can attend (or not) the days of class most important to their individual requirements.
  • You and your team minimize time away from projects.
  • Prerequisites are often available via eCampus, so onsite time is focused on advanced, hands-on work with skilled instructors.
  • With several people to train, you can save more than 40% on the total cost of live training at a Nuance training center.
  • On-site training is available to our customers and our partners.

To discuss your training solution or for more information, contact:
    Deanne Harper, Manager, Nuance University | Enterprise Division
    Tel: +1 781.588.5345

Custom Onsite training requires signed Statement of Work and Purchase Order.