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For ichart users we also offer an expanded capability—ichart Transcription. With ichart Transcribe you gain access to our team of medical transcriptionists, and dictation and transcribed files are exchanged using the ease and flexibility of a secure Internet connection.

  • Dictation Flexibility
    With Dictaphone ichart Transcibe you have the option to dictate to an Internet connected PC—using the Dictaphone PowerMic, or you can dictate to the ichart Data Center using any telephone.

    Dictaphone’s network of transcription professionals offer highly competitively priced "turn-key" transcription services. See for yourself how you can benefit from the economy-of-scale available to you through Dictaphone's Medical Transcription Services.
  • Web-Based Access To Completed Reports
    Completed reports are then quickly returned to you over the same secure Internet connection.

    With ichart Transcribe, physicians receive at their PCs a comprehensive list of all of their transcribed reports. Clicking on any listed item opens the completed text report for rapid viewing and Electronic Signature. Once signed-off, the "completed" report is available for on-site printing. Transcribed reports are also available for listening access via the ichart Web Job Lister application.
  • Report Archiving
    With ichart Transcribe your dictated voice files are stored for Internet access for up to 7 days...in addition you have on-line access to signed text reports for 90 days.

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