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OmniPage SE for Canon Scanners and MFPs

This page is for the OmniPage SE software update for Windows Vista and/or Internet Explorer 7 that supports Canon scanners and MFPs.

This software is available as a download only.


This software will only work with Canon scanners or MFPs that come with an existing OmniPage SE software package. This update will not install unless you are a current owner of a Canon scanner or MFP with an earlier version of OmniPage SE.

You must first install, and then remove the software that originally came with your scanner or MFP through Add/Remove Programs before you can install this update. This update is intended to insure compatibility with Windows Vista and/or Internet Explorer 7.

Note for DR-Series customers: This OmniPage SE build will not work with your device. The Vista compatible OmniPage SE build for DR-Series customers will be available in early Summer, so please check back here at that time.

Steps to determine if you qualify for this upgrade:

  1. Click "Start > Search > For Files or Folders..."
  2. Search all folders for "OmniPage.exe"
  3. Once OmniPage.exe is located, right click and select "Properties".

On the General Tab of the Properties, if the "Created date" is 2003 or later and this product was shipped with a Canon scanner, then you may qualify for this update.

On the General Tab of the Properties, if the "Created date" is earlier than 2003, then you do not qualify for this update.

Click here for information about upgrading to the latest version of OmniPage.

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