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Some bundled version of PaperPort may not be updated to support Windows Vista based on manufacturer's requirements. Check the table below or check your scanning device website for more information. If no updates are available for your scanner bundle we recommend upgrading to the full retail versions for Windows Vista compatibility as listed below:

Windows Vista has introduced sweeping changes to their new operating system and Nuance is there to add outstanding document scanning and organization capabilities with PaperPort. If you are considering upgrading your system or making a new computer purchase with Windows Vista youíll need to have the latest version of PaperPort or PaperPort Professional.

Why PaperPort 11 and Windows Vista?

  • Combine your digital and paper information under Windows Vista with superior one-button scanning and PDF capabilities
  • Automatically add important notes and information to scanned document that makes them instantly searchable under Windows Vista
  • Stack and unstack PDF documents on your desktop, move pages around within PDF documents and manage them just like you would with real paper
  • Visualize your documents better on the PaperPort Desktop under Microsoft Vista with thumbnails of over 150 file formats

ProductRecommended Vista Compatible VersionUpgrade Price 
Earlier Versions of PaperPort Professional (10, 9, 8 etc.)PaperPort Professional 11$149.99Upgrade Now
Earlier Versions of PaperPort (10, 9, 8 etc.)PaperPort 11$69.99Upgrade Now
Hardware Bundled Versions of PaperPort (Also known as PaperPort SE)PaperPort 11$69.99Upgrade Now
Visioneer ScannersPaperPortNo ChargeUpgrade Now
Xerox DocuMate ScannersPaperPortNo ChargeUpgrade Now