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03/23/2017 Corporate Cloud Machine Learning Still an Answer in Search of a Question
Tech Target
03/22/2017 Enterprise Hospitals Use Intelligent Virtual Assistant for More Accurate Order Entry
Search HealthIT
03/22/2017 Healthcare Epic, Nuance Embed AI into EHR for Clinical Documentation Improvement
HealthcareIT News
03/17/2017 Corporate Nuance adds artificial intelligence in building prepaid bids
Mobile Time
03/16/2017 Healthcare Study: Letting Patients Set Visit Agendas in EHRs Improve Physician-Patient Encounter
Healthcare Dive
03/16/2017 Corporate iCXM Comes of Age — Using AI to Know, Engage, and Serve Your Customers Better
Customer Think
03/16/2017 Enterprise A Tale of Three Verticals
Cannata Report
03/15/2017 Corporate Vendors Varied Vertical Apporach
The Cannata Report
03/14/2017 Healthcare mHealth Takes a Closer Look at Digital Assistants
mHealth Intelligence
03/13/2017 Corporate The Wavelength: Vertical Alignment
Workflow Magazine
03/11/2017 Corporate Pizza Goes High-Tech
03/09/2017 Corporate The Virtual Assistant for the VA

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