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09/26/2018 Nuance and KT to Develop Specialized Automotive Assistant for Korea
Nuance’s speech solutions for the car will combine with KT’s content services to provide a seamless in-car experience
09/25/2018 Nuance Provides AI-Powered Speech Recognition for Geely, China’s Fastest-Growing Automaker, as it Embarks Upon Joint Venture with PROTON
Nuance’s speech recognition, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, will be part of Geely’s technical platform support for PROTON
09/06/2018 Affectiva and Nuance to Bring Emotional Intelligence to AI-Powered Automotive Assistants
Collaboration to Augment Intelligent Automotive Assistants with Industry-First Understanding of Cognitive and Emotional States
01/09/2018 Nuance’s Dragon Drive Powers Automotive Assistant in Toyota Concept-i User Experience Concept Vehicle
Concept-i will be exhibited at CES 2018 in Las Vegas
01/03/2018 Nuance Announces New AI-Powered Dragon Drive Features that Transform the Automotive Experience, Bridging the Gap Between In-Car and Outside-the-Car Experiences and Delivering Innovation for the Car of the Future
Dragon Drive’s new features, including gaze control combined with conversational AI and enhanced interoperability with the smart home and other virtual assistants, were awarded a CES 2018 Innovation Award
01/05/2017 Nuance Integrates More AI into Automotive Assistant for Passengers
Nuance’s Dragon Drive now features always-listening AI-powered Automotive Assistant to let passengers engage the system; adds AI for intelligent in-car text messaging and new personalization capabilities for drivers
10/18/2016 Nuance Advances Automotive Assistant with AI and Contextual Reasoning
Dragon Drive’s Contextual Reasoning Leverages Automotive Data and Personal Preferences to Deliver Truly Intelligent Connected Car
10/03/2016 Nuance Brings Embedded Dictation Capabilities to the Car
Nuance’s Dragon Drive Lets Drivers Dictate Text for Messages and Notes – No Cloud or Data Connection Required
09/30/2016 Nuance Receives Supplier Innovation Award from BMW Group
07/07/2016 Nuance’s Dragon Drive Powers the Voice Interface of SAIC’s Connected Car Roewe RX5
Dragon Drive Gives Drivers Smarter, Safer Access to In-Car and Connected Services and Content
03/08/2016 Nuance Creates a Conversational Connection Between Cars and the Internet of Things
Dragon Drive and Nuance Mix Give Automakers Flexible, Customizable Voice Platforms Connecting Cars to Wearables and Smart Home Devices
01/05/2016 Nuance Introduces Dragon Drive Automotive Assistant for the Connected Car
Nuance Named CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree for Developing a Personalized, Intelligent and Proactive Driving Experience

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