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Nuance Advances AI and Interoperability for Cars, Smart Home and Robotics at CES 2017

Nuance showcases the importance of truly connected, conversational interfaces that give automakers, communications service providers, and device makers more flexibility and give consumers better experiences

Las Vegas and Burlington, Mass. – January 5, 2017 – Nuance Communications, Inc. is demonstrating the power of intelligent conversational interfaces that are fully interoperable at this year’s CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Through advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), language understanding, and platform interoperability, Nuance is further empowering automakers, communications service providers, and consumer electronics manufacturers with the ability to create a powerful network on connected experiences that aren’t dependent on closed operating system APIs. As a result, cars, appliances, electronics, and other ‘things’ work together to deliver on our expectations of a truly connected lifestyle – talking with us, learning from us, and making our day to day more enjoyable and productive.

Nuance’s platforms connect the disparate pieces of the Internet of Things (IoT), content and connectivity through the application of language understanding, voice, and AI. The result is customized solutions that simplify technology and give the world’s largest brands the ability to take full advantage of the IoT.

More AI for Automotive Assistants

Nuance’s award-winning Dragon Drive connected car platform is taking the automotive assistant experience beyond the driver’s seat with its Multi-passenger interaction solution that lets the in-car assistant communicate with multiple people in the car. The solution leverages Nuance’s wake-up word technology and identifies the passenger with voice biometrics, creating an interactive experience that gives automakers the ability to extend their innovation within the car. Nuance is also announcing new AI features for its Automotive Assistant solution, including intelligent text messaging and personalization capabilities. See all the details in today’s announcement.

A Smarter Home for the Internet of Things

The IoT is connecting more devices and systems within the home. And while last year’s CES brought forth many firsts in conversational connected appliances, this year’s event will demonstrate the importance of connecting those connected appliances to home hubs, devices and intelligent systems. At the forefront of this market opportunity is an ecosystem of service providers and device manufacturers that will leverage conversational and interoperable platforms powered by artificial intelligence.

Nuance will be demonstrating what’s possible for the interoperable and conversational smart home with its Nuance Mix platform integrated as part of the Greenwave Systems AXON Platform®, home security systems integrations, the Jelly OS from ROOBO, and more. And, Nuance will demonstrate how the IoT can thoughtfully connect beyond devices and homes into the connected car.

Connect with Nuance at CES 2017

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