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Nuance, MEDITECH, IMO Collaboration to Automate Patient Problem Lists and Support Regulatory Reporting

Eases Reporting Burdens on Physicians through Efficient and Accurate Translation of the Patient Narrative into Discrete Data for EHRs.

HIMSS, Chicago, April 13, 2015Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) announced today a collaboration with Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) and MEDITECH to take rich clinical narratives from physician notes, extract key facts as structured data and automatically populate patient problem lists and allergy lists using physician-friendly terminologies to preserve clinical intent of physician documentation in the EHR. This unique approach enables healthcare providers to translate unstructured narrative text into clinically-accurate, discrete data in the EHR to support patient problem lists for Meaningful Use as well as requirements for ICD-10 compliance, and quality reporting.

“This collaboration between Nuance, MEDITECH, and IMO is exciting because it will make it easier for doctors to efficiently create accurate, structured patient problem lists in the EHR and to comply with other documentation requirements that are useful to their healthcare system. It will allow doctors to stay focused on their patients and worry less about how to share their recommendations electronically within their work environment,” says S. Luke Webster, M.D, vice president & CMIO, CHRISTUS Health.

This innovative process overcomes common challenges physicians have creating problem lists in the EHR, providing efficiencies and relief through simply converting narrative created during physician documentation into real-time, actionable information for medical decision making:

  • Physicians can use Nuance Dragon Medical 360 real-time speech recognition or a mix of voice recognition and structured physician documentation sections to create a clinically-rich narrative at the point of care, which reflects the full patient's condition.
  • Nuance's Clinical Language Understanding (CLU) engine analyzes the physician free text narrative and extracts key patient information, such as patient problems and allergies in real time as discrete, structured data.
  • IMO®'s (iC) Intelligent Connect platform automatically maps this to IMO's terminology libraries, and to standardized code sets, thus preserving clinical intent while supporting clinical documentation standards for interoperability and continuity of care.
  • The full patient story is then available in MEDITECH's EHR including structured data, unlocked from previously unstructured patient information, and this can now be analyzed and used for a variety of reporting and compliance measures including Meaningful Use, quality management and clinical decision making.

To learn more about this collaboration, please contact and visit Nuance (booth #1831), IMO (booth #3408) and MEDITECH (booth #6315) at the 2015 Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS15) Annual Conference in Chicago April 13-16. Nuance, IMO and Meditech will be launching an early adopter program to test this with healthcare providers.

Partner quotes:

  • "MEDITECH is thrilled to collaborate with Nuance and IMO to give physicians the best possible documentation experience," said Helen Waters, MEDITECH vice president of sales and marketing. "Thanks to this fact extraction process, physicians can capture actionable clinical data, such as patient problems and allergies without changing workflow or taking any additional steps, further supporting our customers' ability to meet Meaningful Use and ICD-10 mandates, improve analytics, and ultimately better the entire patient experience, including patient outcomes."
  • Frank Naeymi-Rad, Ph.D., chairman and CEO of IMO said: "This remarkable new solution shows how innovative thinking and a shared vision can deliver a new generation of clinical documentation that will allow our vendor-partners and clinical users to deliver the best patient care possible."


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