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Easy access to essential information

A world-class, single-platform physician coding solution

With today’s complex and evolving compliance requirements, your coding professionals need an easy-to-understand physician coding application that provides critical clinical, financial, and regulatory information essential for accurate reimbursement. Clintegrity Physician Coding, the professional fee coding solution component of Clintegrity Coding, combines an intuitive web-native workflow with reference materials to provide a world-class, single-platform solution. Clintegrity Physician Coding offers the knowledge base of clinical, financial, and regulatory information that coders need to meet today’s complex coding requirements for professional fee coding. The single platform solution allows your organization to store both facility and service encounters in one database even if you are using separate billing applications. This helps ensure coding consistency between facility and physician coding. It also increases efficiency and streamlines the physician coding process for your HIM staff, as does the ability to code, group, and edit in a single interface, from anywhere, at any time.

Ensure compliance and data integrity

Clintegrity Physician Coding equips you to meet today’s OIG coding challenges, including the assignment of evaluation and management (E/M) codes and ensuring consistency between physician and hospital service codes. Clintegrity Physician Coding provides an E/M calculator to correctly identify the assignment of these codes. It also includes Medical Necessity Edits that utilize Medicare’s Local and National Medical Review Policies in determining any problems with diagnosis and procedure linkages. Lastly, Nuance Healthcare’s Resource-Based Relative Value Scale (RBRVS) reimbursement calculation provides the estimated reimbursement for the physician service provided. Additionally, your HIM staff will access the same official ICD-9 and ICD-10 codebooks and work from the same coding guidelines. This helps ensure data integrity and reduces errors that can lead to costly audits.


  • Facilitates OIG compliance and E/M code assignment. Use our intuitive E/M calculator to correctly identify code assignments; accurately calculate the key components of an E/M service; and help identify coding errors; as well as changes in practice patterns and documentation issues.
  • Enables enterprise-wide data integrity. Our single, unified Clintegrity platform for both facility and professional fee services coding and reimbursement tools offers transparent, centralized encounter management across your facilities, promoting data consistency and accuracy between facility and physician coding.

Clintegrity will help your organization quickly generate substantial revenue and operating savings by ensuring your clinical documentation chain is accurate, sound and fully adopted by physicians.

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