Dragon Law Enforcement—Role of Technology

Paperwork burden in policing

Heavy documentation demands create ripple effects for law enforcement. Increased reporting limits community visibility, can impact the accuracy and completeness of reports, creates burnout, or worse, can cause safety issues with officers heads-down in the patrol vehicle entering data into CAD/RMS systems.

2019 Role of Technology in Law Enforcement Paperwork Survey

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Documentation challenges law enforcement say they face

Heavy documentation impacts report quality, community service,
officer burnout, and safety


Say they spend three hours or more on reporting and other paperwork per shift


Are concerned that in‑car documentation can impact their safety


Say they are concerned that heavy reporting demands create officer burnout


Say inaccurate or inefficient reporting impacts report quality


Say heavy reporting demands cause them to spend too much time on admin work, and less time out in the field


Say they spend one hour or more in the patrol vehicle completing incident reports

Officers want smarter, more automated solutions to help with incident reporting


Say technology can help improve data entry within their records management systems


Say they need to adopt new technologies to improve the quality of reporting, officer safety, community visibility


Say that technology can help improve officer morale and retention within their department


Say technology can help improve relationships with prosecutors and DA offices

Improve incident reporting and make the
CAD/RMS easier to use simply by speaking

Join the hundreds of departments using Dragon Law Enforcement to help improve incident reporting