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Improve financial documentation compliance

Financial services professionals need to place more scrutiny towards documentation compliance as a result of increased regulations within the industry. With Dragon speech recognition, you can easily capture information to create more detailed, accurate reports, plans, and disclosures to minimize risk, while improving client service – all by voice.

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Role of technology in financial services

With an increase in reporting and paperwork demands and a shifting environment where clients expect more personalized services, it’s not surprising that financial professionals want agile tools to help meet these demands. Our second annual Role of Technology in Financial Documentation Compliance Survey looks at the impact to Financial Services on both back-end tasks like documentation, as well as front-of-the-house activities, such as client service.

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Infographic: Role of technology in financial documentation

Financial advisors seek automated tools to help improve documentation productivity, compliance, and client service.

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Solving the financial compliance challenge

In today’s shifting regulatory environment, financial documentation plays a crucial, if unglamorous, role in meeting compliance and client service.

This eBook explores key documentation issues facing financial services professionals, with excerpts from the 2018 Role of Technology in Financial Services Documentation survey.

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Solving the financial documentation challenge

eBook: Solving the financial documentation compliance challenge

How speech recognition solutions can help financial services firms keep up with compliance and deliver a more impactful client experience.

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