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"I work for an international technology analyst firm. I'm on the road approximately 4 days a week to different locations worldwide. Unfortunately with so much travel it becomes very difficult to capture my thoughts and publish them in a way that can provide value to all of our 40,000 plus customers. I've been using Dragon Professional for the last year to help me capture all of my thoughts in a way that allows me to free flow and later go back and edit. Dragon is a part of my workflow, it comes with me on the road, it's here in my home office and I've recommended it to my colleagues. It helps me do what I do." Frank Kenney, research director, Gartner, Inc.
“I am the world's worst typist… Dragon enabled me to become more productive in my work, and to correspond with all the family members, whom I never corresponded with before because it simply took too long.” Dennis B.
“Dragon is far and away the best tool that I have ever purchased to help me deal with my RSI issues.” Ed C.
“Dragon NaturallySpeaking should be a mandatory purchase for everyone that wants to increase their productivity. Responding to e-mails, writing documents, developing Excel spreadsheets … things that took hours before, now take minutes.” Robert D.

"Dragon has enabled me to overcome my disability and give me complete independence with regards to work correspondence, e-mail and reports. It has allowed me to work independent of a secretary. As a matter of fact, it has reduced my secretarial need from 40 hours a week to 16. This alone is a major cost savings but the independence to express myself without the assistance of others is an immeasurable and this is directly attributable to Dragon." George F.

"About 10 years ago, many years of computer work developing extensive environmental investigative reports led to chronic inflammation of the muscles and tendons in my arms, shoulders and chest. Two surgeries, years of physical therapy and a year on disability were unable to relieve the pain and inflammation. Being able to compose reports, e-mail, and instant messages through speech has allowed me to continue to work. Additionally, I discovered that typing through speech was much faster and easier than typing. Instant messaging is especially slick as I can send messages as fast as I can speak while those responding back by hand are significantly slower." Neil T.

"As Director of Contracts at a software company, I create, review and revise legal documents all day. I have tendonitis from repetitive motion (too much typing) so I use Dragon to dictate memos, emails, letters, notices, etc. and this saves me from the pain and strain typing puts on my hands. Not only that, Dragon is a great relief from eye strain as I can have my text dictated back to me after it is composed. Our entire company uses instant messaging as its preferred means of communicating with coworkers in other offices, departments and in a dozen other countries around the world. I use Dragon to dictate my messages and don't even have to hit the enter key to send them. A simple "click Send" command is all it takes. The more my hands are off the keyboard, the less pain I have, both literally and figuratively." Jacalyn

"In 2000, I became disabled due to repetitive injury. As part of my return to work, I was introduced to Dragon Naturally Speaking professional Version 4.0. I was depressed, distressed and in severe pain - but motivated to continue working. I began working with Dragon and MS Outlook to respond to the hundreds of emails I received daily as an IT support manager. As time progressed, I learned to use DNS for virtually all my "hands-on" work on the computer. I use it for Web-based applications, all MS application products and even have been able to do SQL and Visual Basic programming. Without Dragon, I would be on disability. Now I look forward to many years of employment and advancement in my career." Anonymous

"Early last year, I strained my hands and wrists from repetitive stress: typing too much, too fast, in bad positions. The doctors forbid typing for at least a month - maybe more - to allow my injuries to heal. My job requires a lot of writing, and I generally prefer email communication over the telephone, so no typing meant I was going to be very unproductive for quite some time.  Since the alternative was taking leave from work, I looked into dictation/voice recognition software, and Dragon was the natural choice. Within a few days, I had the hang of it, and I was able to continue working at about 90% of my usual productivity. Without Dragon, I would have had to take time off of work, or seriously prolong my recovery by continuing to type." Bridgette

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