Why Do Dragon Users Rely on Speech Recognition?

Customer Videos

Dragon speech recognition helps all kinds of people write better and more efficiently, by letting them focus on their thoughts and ideas instead of the physical task of typing. We've interviewed a wide range of customers – from students and teachers to authors and consultants – who use Dragon for many different reasons. Watch the videos to better understand what Dragon can do for you.

Featured Videos

Paul Gillin
Paul Gillin, former editor of Computerworld magazine, continues to write books, columns, blogs, newsletters, and more. Dragon helps him keep the tone of his writing conversational and the pace of his writing productive.
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Lee Rone, COO, Youth Villages
Lee Rone is the chief operating officer of Youth Villages, a private non-profit organization with 1,600 counselors and support staff serving 50 locations across the US. Rone explains that one of the ways Youth Villages has been able to improve the work environment for family counselors at Youth Villages is by reducing the time required to complete paperwork by 50% using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
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Additional Video

Arthur Gould
As a trainer at a school for blind children, Arthur Gould uses Dragon as an accompaniment to other screen readers to help students better use technology.

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