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Dragon Anywhere Feature Tip: Custom Words—customize your vocabulary for improved recognition

Dictating documents and reports or filling out forms by voice is a huge time-saver over typing, and it’s a great way to capture detail and specificity. Dragon speech recognition provides 99% recognition accuracy from the start. However, there are still instances where you can improve accuracy and refining the vocabulary can help.

By Mark Jackson

Posted March 7, 2016

Using Dragon Anywhere, our professional-grade mobile dictation solution, to dictate documents or fill in forms can deliver significant productivity gains. After all, there’s nothing like getting paperwork done in-real time directly on your smartphone or tablet to improve efficiency wherever your job takes you.

While Dragon Anywhere features an extensive vocabulary and delivers up to 99% accuracy right out of the gate, there may still be instances where you want to add some of the proper names, acronyms and specialized terminology you use every day for your specific job.

Dragon Anywhere’s powerful Custom Words feature lets you customize the vocabulary by adding unique words before you dictate or during a dictation session to improve recognition results and minimize the need for corrections. By taking advantage of this productivity-boosting feature, you can speed up document creation—without compromising quality or accuracy.

Watch this short feature demo to see how easy it is to customize Dragon’s Vocabulary.

Adding custom words is fast and easy

On the Dragon Anywhere “Words” page, you just enter the written form for the word or phrase you want to add. If the word has a unique pronunciation, you can enter the phonetic representation for that pronunciation in the spoken form field. Then you save the word to your vocabulary. It’s just as easy to remove custom words that you’re no longer using.

If you’ve created custom words in supported Dragon desktop solutions, you can also import those words into Dragon Anywhere. You simply export the custom word to one of the cloud sharing services supported by Dragon Anywhere, such as iCloud or Google Drive. Once the custom words are stored in the cloud, you can import them into Dragon Anywhere in just a few quick steps.

If you’re using the latest version of Dragon Professional Individual or Dragon for Mac, your words will sync automatically to Dragon Anywhere once you enter your Dragon Anywhere credentials on the PC.