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Dragon Anywhere Feature Tip: Form Factor—create custom form templates to speed content input

For professionals who work in field, reporting demands are a large component of the job. Now there’s an easier way to complete form-based reports, capturing detail and specificity in real time. Along with a whole host of professional-grade mobile dictation features, Dragon Anywhere offers the ability to create fillable form templates to speed and simplify reporting on the go.

By Mark Jackson

March 14, 2016

If you’re a field worker, such as an insurance adjuster, a police officer, or a case worker, creating accurate, detailed documentation is a critical—and time-intensive—part of your job. You probably need to complete and submit a variety of form-based reports in a timely and detailed manner. After all, failure to do so could put your clients or the community at potential risk. Even if you dictate notes into a handheld recorder, that content still needs to be transcribed and cut and pasted into standard templates within industry-specific reporting systems. This means you’re spending long hours at your computer typing up paperwork or relying on support staff to transcribe your notes and put them in the proper report format.

Dragon Anywhere is the ideal productivity tool for busy mobile professionals—especially field workers—who face ever-increasing reporting and documentation demands. This mobile dictation solution not only lets you dictate documents of any length and quickly share them directly from your mobile device, but also provides the powerful capability to create fillable form templates that can be completed anywhere by voice.

Watch this brief demo to see how easy it is to set up custom form templates.

The benefits of creating form templates for field workers

Whether you’re sitting idle in your vehicle, waiting outside a courtroom, or stopping to pick up coffee in between meetings, the ability to create fillable form templates will make it easier than ever to keep up with paperwork. From any location you can now use your mobile device to complete form-based reports – in real-time - while details are still fresh in your mind.

Use Dragon Anywhere’s Create Auto-Texts feature to set up a fillable form in just a few simple steps. Once the form template has been set up and saved, you can invoke it by saying whatever name you specified, such as “Traffic Incident Report” or “Referral Form.” Then you can navigate from field to field using simple spoken commands and fill in the content, all by voice. When the form is complete, easily send it by email or share it via the cloud.

So instead of waiting until you’re back in the office to write up your reports, complete them on your mobile device at any time, from anywhere.