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Adopting the right mobile tools can make work-life balance a more achievable goal

Mobile devices, including smart phones and tablets, allow professionals to stay connected 24x7. Great, right? Well, it depends. Constant connectivity has created an expectation that professionals are always available to contribute, share and collaborate via mobile—even long after business hours have ended.

By Maria Cataldo

March 14, 2016

There’s no question that technology advances like mobile devices, email and videoconferencing provide new levels of connectivity and convenience—especially for professionals whose jobs frequently have them working outside the office. But this ability to be “always on” comes at a cost: the lines between work time and personal time are becoming increasingly blurred. According to a recent global work-life study by Ernst and Young, one in three full-time employees say maintaining a healthy work-life balance is difficult. In addition, 70% of respondents in an Accenture research study say technology brings work into their personal lives.

What if instead of looking at mobile technology, in particular, as an obstacle to achieving work-life balance, you started viewing it as a way to maximize productivity during work hours so there can be an actual end to the business day?

The latest mobile dictation tools like Dragon Anywhere for iOS and Android let professionals’ dictate, edit and format documents of any length directly on their mobile devices—all by voice—to keep up with documentation and reporting demands from any location during the workday vs. after work hours. Check it out for yourself here.

Because most people can talk 3 times faster than they can type, mobile dictation can deliver huge documentation productivity gains no matter where your job takes you—whether you’re in the lobby of an office building, sitting in a parking lot or stopping for coffee in between meetings.

Armed with the right mobile tools, professionals can actually work smarter—not harder or longer—to achieve maximum productivity throughout the workday, so there’s less to catch up on after hours. By adopting professional-grade mobile solutions, workers across many fields—from caseworkers, police officers and insurance adjusters to lawyers, salespeople, and financial advisors—are using their mobile working hours more efficiently and effectively to get more done between 9 and 5.