Dragon Assistant™

Your Voice is Your Command

Control Your Desktop - Using Your Voice

Dragon Assistant leverages the power of Nuance’s speech recognition technology, offering you the freedom and flexibility to control your desktop applications using your voice. With Dragon Assistant, simply speak commands to do lots of things on your desktop – search the web, post updates to your social networks, check email and more. Dragon Assistant turns the power of talk into action. Watch video to learn more.

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Your Voice is Your Command
Dragon Assistant is always at your beck and call. To get started, launch the application and simply say…

"Hello Dragon"



If you ever want Dragon Assistant to stop listening, just say…

"Go To Sleep"

You can also right click on the Windows System Tray icon and select "Have Dragon sleep." Dragon Assistant will also go to sleep on its own after completing specific tasks for you. When that happens, you'll see…


Let Dragon Assistant Be Your Guide
Dragon Assistant will guide you through its simple voice commands to control your applications. If you ever get stuck, don’t worry. Simply ask…

"What Can I Say?"


Dragon will bring up a list of voice command for the context you are currently in.


Search the Web
With simple voice commands,
Dragon Assistant turns the power of talk into action.

"Search Google for Restaurants in Boston"


And the same "search X for Y" phrasing works for YouTube, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Bing, Pandora, Hulu, and lots of other popular websites. It's that simple.

"Search YouTube for Rubik's Cube tutorial"


Check / Update Your Social Networks 
Dragon Assistant helps you manage your social networks using simple commands. Say commands like…

"Update my Facebook status"


Dragon Assistant will walk you through the rest. It's that easy. And the same commands work for Twitter.

"What's happening on Twitter?"


Clicking and Scrolling
You can use your mouse to move around. 
Click a content window,
and Dragon will go to sleep while you scroll and explore the content

To wake Dragon Assistant up again,
simply tap its icon or say

"Hello Dragon"


Dictation Anywhere

This feature works in the browser for many websites as well as in some text editors and chat clients. Place the cursor where you'd like to insert text (in a comment field, for example). Ready to dictate? Simply press the CTRL key to launch a pop-up dictation window. When the window appears you are ready to dictate your message or comment. Once you let go of the CTRL key, Dragon Assistant will paste your dictation into the text field. By default, Dragon uses the CTRL key. You can choose the insert key instead. Open the Settings Panel and click on "Speaking and Listening." In the Dictation HotKey section, click on the drop-down menu and select the insert key option.


Media Playback

Talk can be entertaining when you have Dragon Assistant control your playlist!

"Play some Bruce Springsteen"

Intuitive voice commands allow you to select and play specific songs, artists, and movies in your personal library. In Windows 7, Dragon Assistant can play CDs and DVDs, including Blu-ray content. In Windows 8, Dragon does not support DVD and Blu-ray content, but "Play Track" is supported accordingly.