Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for an ideal start

Discover how Dragon Drive! Messaging will completely change your email and text message communication in your BMW.
Its convenient, intuitive operation makes it easy for you to get started:

- Dictating with Dragon Drive! Messaging is just as easy as talking to your co-driver. Just speak in a normal volume and at a steady speed
- Start and stop the speech recording session by pressing the record button
- For ideal results, avoid background noise, e.g. from co-passengers, air conditioning or open windows. Normal driving noises do not affect speech recognition. Dragon Drive! Messaging recognizes them and filters them out
- You should avoid too long dictations and split your message into several sentences with a maximum of 30 seconds.  Not only does this help you reduce hesitations and dictation errors, but also makes corrections easier
- Using punctuation helps to improve overall accuracy as well.  To insert punctuation or paragraphs, just add them to your speech. Dragon Drive! Messaging understands a large number of intuitive voice commands
- Before sending, activate the read out function for final checking of the recognized text 

Dragon Drive! Messaging allows you to format your message using voice commands. You can find all the information you need in the Downloads section.

Use the countless benefits of our speech recognition for emails and text messages in all fields of life and discover more! Combined with selected online services, Dragon Drive! Messaging can help you organize your daily professional and private life, making it even more convenient and entertaining.

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