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The Nuance difference

Forged over more than 20 years of leadership in conversational AI, our legacy is as distinctive as our technology. Here’s the “how” that drives the superior outcomes we deliver to customers.

Nuance was there

From one of the first voice recognition systems to the most advanced ambient clinical intelligence ever introduced, Nuance has played a foundational role in the emergence of conversational AI.


PowerScribe brochure, 1996

Radiology moves from transcription to speech recognition

The introduction of PowerScribe® delivers the first clinical speech‑to‑text automation for healthcare, cutting transcription costs by 87% and reducing report turnaround time by 91% for early adopter Duke University Medical Center.

6 degrees of Dragon®

What do Richard Dreyfuss and Nuance have in common? In 1997, Dragon NaturallySpeaking was released at the World Trade Center, becoming the world’s first continuous speech dictation system for consumers.


Don’t text and drive...unless you’re Dragon

In 2006, Dragon swept the competition in “The Amazing Race,” a man‑machine showdown that pitted Dragon against a Guinness World Record holder for speed‑texting and Top Gear’s “The Stig,” who attempted to complete device-related tasks in a simulated driving environment.


Speaking from the heart

When we asked customers to tell us their stories for the 2009 “I Speak Dragon!” Contest, we had no idea how powerful those stories would be. Their testimonials are proof of the transformation that happens when visionary people are empowered by the right technology.

Dragon’s cameo on Ellen

In 2010, Dragon Dictation was one of 50 apps selected for the iTunes Hall of Fame. In 2011, Ellen called out Dragon as a personal favourite, demonstrating its ability to understand even the stickiest tongue twisters.


How the Genius Button™ got even smarter

T-Mobile’s Genius Button was already head of its class in 2011, when Nuance applied natural language voice technology to deliver new features, enhanced capabilities, and Hands‑Free mode innovations to optimise its Android™‑powered smartphone.


Taking EHR OOO

Nuance was first to enable mobile EHRs with speech recognition in 2012, untethering doctors from their desktops and allowing them to securely document medical records on the go.


PowerShare travels to help make wishes come true

Nuance was honored to enable safer, more carefree travel for Make‑A‑Wish® kids by connecting them to Nuance PowerShare, the largest pediatric image sharing network in America. Access to cloud‑based imaging frees families from worry and potential delays in care while on the move with Make‑A‑Wish.

ASR, meet TV

In 2015, Nuance automatic speech recognition (ASR) technology enabled the first major TV network provider to deliver a voice interface to customers through the remote control. The Comcast X1 remote revolutionized customer experience, was adopted rapidly, and today well over 1.5 billion voice commands are made monthly.


Our red carpet moment

Though Nuance prefers to keep the spotlight on our customers, we were honoured when Dragon TV was selected for a 2017 Technology & Engineering Emmy® Award in the “Contextual Voice Navigation for Discovering and Interacting with TV Content” category.


A biometrics breakthrough

When Nuance updated its market‑leading biometric security solution in 2018, it changed the game with an industry‑first form of behavioural biometrics that can catch fraud in real time based on choice of words and patterns of speech or writing.

Industry first in ambient clinical intelligence

To say the Dragon Ambient eXperience™ (DAX) made a splash when it was introduced at HIMSS 2020 would be an understatement. Nuance demonstrated the transformational ability to deliver on the promise of real, unscripted ambient clinical intelligence.

awards-for-KLAS-2021 and-gold-stevie-winner-2021

Time for a new trophy case

No less than six of our customers won prestigious 2021 Stevie® Awards for Nuance solutions ranging from digital messaging to Agent AI capabilities, which made us even prouder to earn Technology Partner of the Year. 2021 was also a banner year for Dragon Medical One (DMO). Hailed by clinicians as the #1 conversational AI speech recognition solution, DMO earned top honors with the 2021 Best in KLAS Speech Recognition (Front‑End EMR) award.