Power PDF how to: Create e-signatures

How to get started and get more out of your PDFs

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Electronic Signatures

Sign directly in PDFs instead of on paper documents

In today’s digital world, there are better and more efficient ways to sign documents than ink on paper. Now you can apply electronic signatures to any PDF document if you are using Power PDF. This capability offers the convenience and digital signature security options necessary to create legally binding documents with your electronically rendered signature.

Signing a PDF document

  1. Open a PDF document you would like to sign
  2. To create and use an electronic facsimile of a signature select "Handwritten Signature: Place" option under the "Security" menu ribbon
  3. If this is your first time using the feature, Power PDF will prompt you to draw your signature in the "Add Handwritten signature" box
  4. Draw your signature using your mouse. This works especially well if you are using a Window 10 touch enable device like the Microsoft Surface tablet
  5. Give you signature a name like “My signature” in the "Save the signature as:" box and click OK
  6. You can now move the cursor, which looks like a plus sign, over the area where you want your signature to appear. Drag a box over the signature area of your document
  7. Click Complete and your signature will be placed in the document