Power PDF how to: Create tables and bookmarks in PDFs

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Table of Contents

Create a table of contents from any PDF file

With Power PDF, it’s easy to assemble documents from multiple sources or sometimes you get multipage PDF documents that lack a table of contents to begin with. The challenge is how do you add a table of contents to a PDF document without a lot of typing, reformatting, and manual linking?

Power PDF has an easy to use yet powerful way to automatically create a table of contents that looks good, is completely accurate and linked.

Create a table of contents

  1. Open or create your multi-page PDF document
  2. Open the Bookmarks panel by clicking on the Bookmarks panel button to the left of the screen
  3. Click the Select tool (it looks like an arrow) on the left hand tool bar
  4. Go to a page where you want a table of contents entry to be recorded
  5. Select the text you want to appear in the table of contents
  6. In the Bookmarks panel select "New Bookmark" under the "Bookmarks Panel Option" (it looks like a little gear)
  7. Repeat this step for every table of content entry you want
  8. When all your bookmark entries are made and you are ready to create your table of contents, select "Create Table of Contents…" under the "Bookmarks Panel Option"
  9. Click OK to have the table of contents created as your first page or change the options to get the desired result