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16.05.2018 Boosting Productivity With Voice Recognition Tech
IT Pro Portal
16.05.2018 Get ready for the car that talks back
Automotive World
29.03.2018 Software Review : Dragon Professional Individual V15
01.03.2018 Review: Dragon Professional Individual v15
22.02.2018 Why Organisations Can Offer Speech Recognition to Help Alleviate the Pain of Regular PC Use
IT Pro Portal
22.02.2018 Emergency departments report time savings through EPR speech recognition integration
Digital Health
08.02.2018 Speech recognition software producing time savings within South Tees emergency department
Digital Health Age
07.02.2018 More Accurate As You Type
Accounting Web
01.01.2018 2018 Print Predictions
Print IT Reseller
01.01.2018 Why PDF/A Needs to be Fundamental to a Document Archiving Strategy
Print IT Reseller
29.12.2017 Could our faces replace passports as ID?
BBC World Service
12.10.2017 Autonomous vehicle interiors - what can we expect?
Just Auto

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