Nuance Global Security

Protecting people
and data

Our foundation for trust
and resiliency

Our customers place a great deal of trust in us to protect their data. We are fully dedicated to earning that trust by maintaining a strong security posture that instills confidence in the security and resiliency of our networks and systems.

Our ever-advancing, defense-in-depth security strategy is driven by our highly-trained security professionals through corresponding controls and a security infrastructure that leverages the latest tools. Beyond our security team, Nuance maintains a security-aware culture where employees do their part to help diligently protect the systems and the data we maintain.

We have made significant investments in the security of our operations and platform, which, when combined with our ability to leverage security-intelligence and partnerships with outside experts, helps keep our products and services even more secure.

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Learn about our security team and controls; our approach to service continuity and availability; and how we work to achieve compliance and protect data.

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Security defense-in-depth

Achieving our security strategy for defense-in-depth involves a combination of tools, attended by trained and certified security professionals, who follow established policies and protocols based on industry best practices to implement our five-point security strategy.

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