How to get Dragon Drive! Messaging

Climb aboard and stay connected—free of charge for 60 days


You're just three simple steps away from being able to simply dictate text and email messages with Dragon Drive! Messaging in your BMW! Learn about the system requirements.


Access the email or text message function in the Office section of your BMW.
With just one click on the REC function and by entering your email address, you can immediately start using the dictation function.
Validate your e-mail address by opening the link that we send to you within two days and activate your 60-day free trial period.

From then on, you can experience Dragon Drive! Messaging for two months—without any limitations, obligations or charges. To continue using Dragon Drive! Messaging beyond the trial period, it is very easy to order. We will send you an email with your personal link to the Nuance online shop. There you can choose to pay by credit card or direct debit annually or—more conveniently—in an automatically renewed subscription.

That's how easy it is to use Dragon Drive! Messaging in your BMW.

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System requirements


1. Access the email function

2. Start the 2-day pre-trial period

3. Confirm your 60-day trial period