System requirements

All set for Dragon Drive! Messaging

Newly released BMW models will successively be equipped with Dragon Drive! Messaging.  The new BMW 7 Series, BMW 3 Series Touring and BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid are the first BMW vehicles on the road having Dragon Drive! Messaging on board.  Your car needs to be equipped with BMW ConnectedDrive, the navigation system Professional and the Bluetooth interface including BMW Assist. Your mobile phone must support the MAP protocol and be set up to allow it to send emails. After entering and validating your email address you can test Dragon Drive! Messaging for free for 60 days or immediately subscribe for 1 year.

There are two very simple ways of checking whether your mobile phone is compatible:

Open the email or text message function in the Office section of your BMW. If the “New” function is available, you can immediately use your mobile phone for Dragon Drive! Messaging. Just click on “Dictate Text” and you will be prompted to enter your email address once to start using Dragon Drive! Messaging.


Alternatively, go to to find out if your smartphone supports Dragon Drive! Messaging. In just a few clicks, select the country, vehicle and phone model to view a complete overview. If “Dragon Drive! Messaging” is listed, your mobile phone is compatible.

If you have further questions, help is available in the FAQ section, or contact your local BMW service partner.


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