Ambient Clinical Intelligence: The Future of Healthcare

The journey to Ambient Clinical Intelligence

Get ready for the future of medicine and Clinical Documentation That Writes Itself™

Ambient Clinical Intelligence (ACI) helps alleviate the burnout care teams experience from the extra time spent documenting visits, navigating patient charts, and following up on documentation details. It securely listens to clinician‑patient conversations and complements the EHR by surrounding the encounter with assisted workflows, task and knowledge automation. By doing so, it promotes a better patient experience and automatically documents patient care—all without taking the physician's attention off of the patient.

Experience the future
of medicine

Machine learning and AI show great promise for healthcare. Explore innovations that amplify human intelligence to improve how care teams interact with patients and document care.

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Features and benefits

Designed for healthcare

Nuance is reinventing the doctor patient experience with ambient sensing and understanding technology by building on decades of healthcare experience, an extensive market footprint, and its highly—scalable, multi channel virtual assistant platform.

Journey to ACI

Your journey starts with Dragon Medical One

Nuance enables the journey to Ambient Clinical Intelligence through Dragon Medical One and core AI technologies combined with a rich clinical knowledge base. Take advantage of the industry’s most widely used cloud‑based speech recognition technology today and benefit from increasing levels of workflow, task and knowledge automation.

AI strength

Proven innovation across industries

What makes Ambient Clinical Intelligence an even stronger value proposition is the AI expertise leveraged from the millions of people and thousands of organisations that rely on Nuance AI in their cars, throughout financial institutions, and across the world’s leading consumer brands.


automobiles have shipped with Nuance AI

The same technology that adapts to wind and road noise makes our speech recognition accurate in even the noisiest emergency room.


consumer voiceprints are powered by Nuance AI

The same technology securely identifies healthcare conversations to automatically document patient encounters.


virtual and live chats per year powered by Nuance AI

The same technology makes it possible for care teams to conversationally interact with the EHR.


Nuance AI delivers text‑to‑speech with 125 voices in 50 languages

The same technology makes our virtual assistant sound like an extension of the care team.


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