The digital transformation impact on general practice

Technology is pervasive; we have all become digital citizens.

What’s interesting is how this is changing behaviours; impacting the ways we engage with others – as well as with services – and altering our expectations and our experiences. Do you want to better understand how this digital health revolution is impacting general practice?

The patient experience

Patient expectations in a digital world

Nuance commissioned a survey of more than 3,000 people across the U.S., the UK and Germany to discover what matters in the patient experience. The average surgery visit lasts 12 minutes and not all patient-physician interactions have the same meaningful impact. Find out how patients feel about doctors, technology, engagement and the healthcare experience.

In this issue
  • The Pain Scale for the patient experience
  • The doctor has no time to see you now
  • Three things doctors can't ignore with patients
  • Opinions on tech in the hands of doctors
eBook: Healthcare from the patient perspective

View the infographic to see how next-generation workflows allow physicians to spend less time on documentation and more time with patients.

The physician experience

Doctors on the move need technology that keeps up

Doctors have to be in more places than ever. But documentation keeps them in front of a computer for 43% of the day. No wonder 88% of them are stressed out!

Harsh healthcare realities

Perspectives from both sides of the examination couch

The patient experience


have a good relationship
with their physician


feel rushed during consultation


believe use of technology leads
to better care


are honest with their physician

The physician reality


find patient relationships the most satisfying part of their job


feel rushed during a consultation


feel EHRs interfere with face-to-face communication with patients


believe their patients respect them

Safeguarding the Art of Medicine

People need to be heard

Improve the Healthcare Experience

Learn what patients and physicians want and discover tools that deliver on their expectations.

What's Hot

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