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Everything you do improves exponentially with Nuance as your trusted partner. Especially when every instance of patient information is 100% right, the very first time it hits the EPR, and right every instance afterward.

Discover how first-time-right data capture through our advanced Nuance solutions can multiply the impact you have every day.

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Chief Clinical Information Officer

Discover how we help CCIOs free-up clinicians to spend more time serving patients, less time documenting care.

98% of clinicians report Nuance technology has a positive impact on care.

Chief Financial Officer

Discover how we help CFOs reduce costs, get control of budgets and achieve rapid ROI.

Over £150,000 per year saved on clinical documentation and secretarial costs reduced by one third.

Collect printed documents
Scan directly to and print from EPR, ECM and other endpoints from any device
Easily convert PDF and other files to Microsoft Office documents
Access and share PHI with your smart devices

Chief Information Officer

Discover how we help CIOs roll out new services lightning fast, empower users to work securely in the ways that are best for them—wherever they are and on the devices of their choice.

Lightning fast, nil hardware costs

Chief Operating Officer

Discover how we help COOs improve departmental performance and quality and get control of budgets for clinical documentation.

Zero backlogs, no overtime

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