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Clinical documentation solution for GP clinics

Nuance solution helps busy GP surgeries to free up the time doctors spend on administration, releasing more time for patient care and improving work-life balance.

Concerns & benefits

General practitioners are capturing patient notes more accurately and efficiently with AI‑powered clinical speech recognition

The burden of clinical documentation on GPs is contributing to burnout and in primary care the rapid rise in remote consultations has added to this pressure. A Nuance survey in 2020 found 78% of GPs and Practice Managers thought remote consultations have increased general workload. Speech-enabling the electronic patient record (EPR) system provides GPs with an accurate, rapid, and more efficient way to capture the complete patient story.

GP testimonial video clip

Hear how Dr Zoë Hutchinson, GP Partner at St Georges Medical Centre and Clinical Director of Ely North Primary Care Network ‘loves using Dragon Medical software’.

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Dictation is at least 3x faster than typing and helps reduce burnout by alleviating GP’s administrative burden.


Studies show GPs are saving 1hr or more every day with Nuance’s clinical speech recognition solutions.


Speech recognition is helping GP surgeries eliminate the cost of outsourced transcription services.


Documentation capture solutions

Nuance solution helps provide greater accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility for GPs.




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