Health IT solutions for clinical documentation

Keep your hospital ahead with voice recognition

Realise the full potential of your electronic patient records (EPR) with voice recognition solutions to effectively reduce costs, alleviate clinician workload and improve patient care and outcomes, while migrating to a paperless process.

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Clinical Documentation Software: Lifeblood of a Hospital

Good documentation is what Nuance is all about. Experience how Nuance clinical documentation solutions can make a difference on your bottom line, the satisfaction of your clinical team, and the well-being of your patients.

Good for clinicians, patients, and your budget

How voice recognition changes the way you work

Enable the clinical workforce to go digital

Enable the clinical workforce to go digital

EPR solutions alone are not up to the challenge of digitising clinical notes and create a detailed, and up-to-date patient record. Research and clinician testimonials from around the globe show that EPR systems on their own are part of the problem not the solution to improving healthcare services. To compensate, physicians often enter minimal data.

— 90 mins added to a doctor's day.
— 67% find keyboard and mouse to be a major hurdle
— 97% believe structured data entry is not enough

A proven recipe: EPR + Nuance voice recognition = improved usability, a better quality care record and frees up time to care

Building a better clinical system

For everyone in the NHS Trusts and other health institutions, complete clinical documentation delivers a more accurate, complete and contemporaneous record of care. Consequently, coding for commissioning and budgeting, analysis and reporting of data to meet regulatory, legal and financial requirements is also improved. Better quality clinical documentation records the full patient story and is a rich source of data for medical research that will benefit us all in the future.

Nuance strives to make it easier and quicker for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to achieve better clinical documentation standards and provide exceptional care to patients

Solutions & Services

Dragon Medical Solutions for hospitals and surgeries
Solutions for busy radiologists
Nuance Healthcare Professional Services

Nuance will help speed the return on the investments you’ve made in digitising healthcare and in the EPR.

Ensure your clinical documentation chain is accurate, complete and fully adopted by your clinical workforce.