Medical transcription technology

Emdat, now a part of Nuance Healthcare, is a suite of applications used by healthcare providers, Medical Transcription Service Organizations (MTSOs), and medical documentation personnel to streamline the medical documentation process.

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All‑in‑one platform for medical transcription and documentation

A HIPAA-compliant web-based solution for creating and managing dictation and transcription data delivery and storage, our technology can mimic the clinic workflow and route documentation automatically. Transcriptionists boost their productivity and accuracy, administrators monitor and manage the pace of document creation in real‑time, and clinicians quickly document patient encounters with a choice in voice capture devices.

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Medical transcription platforms that elevate healthcare organization performance

Whether you work at a large IDN or hospital, a smaller regional hospital, or an ambulatory organization, we have everything you need to quickly and efficiently capture patient stories.

Powered by the Emdat suite of applications, our transcription solution for ambulatory clinics and regional hospitals was built to address the unique needs of their environment. With customizable features that cater to a range of system‑wide, specialty, location and individual user needs, our technology can mirror and automate current documentation workflows to maintain the documentation status quo—all within a quick go live timeframe.

Are you a current user who needs assistance?

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist Nuance MTSO Partners and current users of the Emdat suite of applications (InScribe, InSync, InTouch, InQuiry, InCommand, InVision, Shadowlink, Shadowprint).

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Software designed to improve MTSO service value

With the rise in EHR use, budgetary constraints, government regulations and physician burnout, medical facilities are demanding more and more value from their Medical Transcription Service Organizations (MTSOs).

The Emdat suite of applications, now a Nuance solution, allows MTSOs to provide their clients with an efficient, economical, voice-driven documentation method that drives productivity while improving quality. Our transcription platform supports MTSO business growth with enhanced marketability, competitive positioning, enhanced MT performance and robust business management tools.

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