Improving the quality of healthcare documentation

Improving patient care

Keep your team focused on improving patient care, not struggling with administration. Dragon Medical solutions deliver complete, accurate and contemporaneous medical records and fast—so you can improve patient care.

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Focusing on quality of care

Dragon Medical solutions can increase the accuracy of medical records and help your team to deliver significant quality improvements in healthcare documentation. Despite an estimated 50%(pdf) or more of a doctor’s time spent on healthcare documentation, studies have found that 27% of medical records had missing information or insufficient detail. With advanced speech-to-text capabilities that can be integrated directly into EPR and other healthcare documentation, Dragon Medical solutions facilitate the capture of richer and more accurate patient narratives at the point of care.

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NHS Five Year Forward View: How does Dragon Medical harness technology and innovation?

Dragon Medical speech‑to‑text solutions boost the quality of healthcare documentation, improving the quality of care for your patients.

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