Capture the patient story with medical transcription software

Productivity at the speed of sound

The faster clinicians can tell their patient narratives, the sooner they can get back to care and go home on time. We help clinicians dictate on their terms with highly accurate, flexible, and intuitive tools. From there, medical transcriptionists (MTs) produce complete documents in hours. Meanwhile, administrative staff have visibility into the entire transcription workflow—from dictation to document distribution.

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Protect the patient story

Featuring templates that auto-populate content and minimise dictation, clinicians can focus more of their energy on caring for patients while simultaneously putting more detail in their reports. Ultimately, this can lead to better quality patient documentation, faster communication to fewer claim rejections, as well as improved financial integrity, compliance, and reimbursement.

Mobility that keeps up with clinicians

Rather than navigating a complex and time consuming EHR during an exam, physicians can focus their attention on the patient instead, utilising a mobile device to dictate entire or partial encounters. Documentation can be reviewed, edited, electronically signed and automatically printed or faxed—all with the touch of a finger.

Turnaround time that turns heads

It’s much faster to edit transcriptions than to type them. Because dictated volume is processed through our powerful speech recognition software, we increase MT productivity—reducing turnaround time from days to hours.

Free flowing

Track and manage the clinical documentation process from dictation through transcription/editing, electronic signature, and document distribution. From automatic routing to comprehensive audit trails, our workflows were designed for the way your administrative or transcription team works.

Signed, sealed, delivered

A double layer of security protects your documentation. Our solutions protect patient information and uptime to ensure that this information is readily available to you. Nuance maintains completely redundant data centres to ensure 24x7 accessibility. In the unlikely event that the primary data centre goes offline, the secondary data centre will handle the transactions and Internet traffic.


Quality clinical transcriptions are now easier done than said

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For clinicians

More time with patients, less with technology

Easy-to-use mobile applications amp up the efficiency of dictation, improve content and free clinicians to spend more time and attention on patient care. Improve documentation speed, reduce documentation costs and work the way that best meets the workload demands of the specialty, clinic and hospital.

For healthcare providers who prefer to use transcription, our end‑to‑end documentation mobile applications offer anytime, anywhere flexibility.

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