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Record keeping for nurses needs to be high quality, timely and standardised with inbuilt levels of security, governance and control as appropriate for each patient scenario. Nuance speech recognition solutions for clinical documentation help digitise the process of record keeping for the nursing workforce, freeing up valuable time for patient care.

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Research shows

Nurses spend over 50% of their time on clinical documentation

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Research and experience from our customers show that nearly 11 hours per week is needed to add to clinical documentation. 64% of the time is spent on narrative (‘unstructured’ notes) to capture the patient story well and only 36% on ‘structured notes’ (chose & click). More than 1 hour per day is spent by nurses searching for information that is insufficiently clear or not available in the documentation.

Speech to text technologies save time and increase the record quality

Nuance solutions for the nurse workforce

There's a Dragon Medical solution that's made for your

Whether you work at a large IDN or hospital, a smaller regional hospital, or an ambulatory organization, we have everything your clinicians need to quickly and efficiently capture the patient story.

Cloud platform for organisations of all sizes

Get cloud-based speech recognition to capture the patient story directly in the EPR from anywhere—with no need for on-site servers or storage. This fully scalable solution was designed with virtualisation in mind and supports acute and ambulatory IT infrastructures with one-click deployment. Nuance-hosted administration tools manage user voice profiles, automate updates, and provide a robust set of analytics and insights to ensure you are maximising your investment.

On-premise solution for large departments, clinics and sites

Medical speech recognition that communicates easily with existing workflows, and is compatible with all common EPR platforms. This scalable, front-end speech recognition on-premise solution helps you improve documentation, eliminate transcription costs, and increase efficiency, profitability and clinician satisfaction.

Desktop solution for clinics and practices

This locally installed desktop solution helps you improve documentation, eliminate transcription costs, increase efficiency, profitability and clinician satisfaction. Dragon Medical Practice Edition releases everyone in the clinical and practice team from mundane day-to-day administration. Distributed via local Nuance certified partners, who make it easy for you to get started

For OS X Mavericks (10.9), OS X Yosemite (10.10) or OS X El Capitan (10.11) users

Dragon for Mac Medical enables clinicians to provide richer patient details with greater accuracy, and faster than with an EPR system alone. With vocabularies covering more than 90 medical specialties and subspecialties, improve productivity and clinical documentation quality using your Mac and voice.

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